Canbonus, Canglobal and Canpep95 schemes are merged with Canequity Diversified scheme. The per unit NAV as on the record date of merger i.e. 21.12.2004 of Canbonus, Canglobal, Canpep95 and Canequity Diversified schemes are Rs 16.90, Rs 11.38, Rs 14.88, Rs 11.37 (I) Rs 16.22 (G) respectively.

Name of the Scheme

Canpep 95

Type, nature and duration Close ended Tax Saving- Income & Growth Oriented Scheme with redemption on or before 31.03.2005
Scheme Objective To provide long term capital appreciation by predominantly investing in equities. Tax benefits u/s 88 (2) (xiii b) of I T Act 1961 subject to maximum of Rs 2000/-
Minimum investment
50 units
Load structure Exit Load - 0.50 %
Launch date
Dividend Detail Nil
Fundamantal attributes Being growth scheme, the funds are generally invested in equities, debt. and debt related instruments like MMI etc.
Investment strategy
Equities, Debt & Other fixed income instrument - 80 - 85 %
MMI - 15 - 20 %

The investment may be made in primary as well as secondary markets as far as possible, the portfolio will be adequately diversified to reduce the risk under performance, arising out of unexpected security specific factors. Investment in debentures will be in securities rated as investment grade by a Credit Rating Agency authorised to carry out such activity under the SEBI Act, 1992. The above investment pattern is indicative and may be changed by the Investment Manager for defensive considerations.
Fund Manager's name
Umesh Kamath
Email ID
Canbank Computer Services Ltd,
4 th Floor, Naveen Complex,                     No. 14, M G Road,
Bangalore- 560 001.                                 Ph : 080 25320541,542,543                     Fax : 080 25320544                                Email : /
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Mumbai Branch,
Kodak House,
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