Name of the Scheme Canliquid
Type, nature and duration Open ended Cash Management Scheme
Scheme Objective To achieve enhancement of income, while maintaining a level of high Liquidity through investment in a mix of Money Market Instruments and Debt Securities
Minimum investment
Load structure Entry Load - Nil
Exit load - Nil
Launch date
Fundamantal attributes Being Liquid Scheme, the funds are generally invested in Money Market Instruments & Debt Securities
Investment strategy
Money Market Instruments
                  Minimum   Maximum
Call Money    65%         100%
Debt              0%           35%
The investment may be made in Primary as well as Secondary markets. As far as possible,the portfolio will be adequately diversified to reduce the risk of under performance, arising out of unexpected security specific factors. Investment in State/Central Government Securities, Treasury Bills

I. Supported by the ability to borrow from the Treasury
II. Supported by Sovereign guarantee of the State Government
III. Supported by the Government of India/ state Government in any other manner
Fund Manager's name
Amruth K. Rao
Email ID
Computer Age Management Services Limited
A & B Lakshmi Bhawan, 609 Ana Salai, Chennai - 600 006
HDFC Bank, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai- 400 013

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